Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Passion and Lingerie

How do you Spark Passion in your life? Do you need some fresh ideas to add more passion to your life? Well I am very passionate about Lingerie. I'm also very passionate about Voluptuously Hip, my lingerie studio. When it comes to my love life? Maybe I could use some pointers, adding more passion to my love, as well as my lingerie. -So lets see what we can do to add more passion to our lives- Love is constant; passion needs recharging. No surprise: Everything in the universe demagnetizes when left in proximity to something of the opposite charge. Magnets do, and men and women do. Some people fall out of lust in seven days, never mind 17 years. Basic animal attraction
is a force of nature that seems designed to make us mate, but not mate for life. Relaxing in our marriages, freeing ourselves from the pressure of trying to impress our partner, has a predictable outcome: Our partners are not impressed. The magnetic spell we once cast on them begins to lift. -BUT- There is ways to zap your love life, give it a good boost for long lasting happiness :) Its easy to get comfortable in a relationship, but comfortable is not always sexy. Men and women get to know one another intimately, and we begin to forget that they were once the gods and goddesses who would inspire romantic fantasies or amorous worship. Since couples share so many real moments, they need to pay special attention to creating magical ones—because great sex is magical, wonderful and fantastic and we all want lots of great fantastic sex! Having a great sex life improves the whole relationship! With so much passion locked inside of us, there’s a lot to unlock. It’s just a matter of finding the right key. Explore one another’s fantasies.
Turn sex into a game. Ask your partner to tell you three of his fantasies, and you'll get to choose which one to act out. Then it’s his turn—you tell him three, and he gets to select one. If he wants to pick two from your list, and you decide to take him up on that offer, he also gets one of the two remaining fantasies on his list. Routine is an enemy of passion. In order to see your mate as the prince, and for him to see you as the princess, it helps to set the stage and put on the right costume. Tell him to meet you at a restaurant for a date. Dress to impress one another. Then surprise him with a key to a motel room or a secluded cottage for an overnight—no packing allowed. -OR- Surprise him with a sexy dress up-and then seduce him with a sexy strip tease :) Let yourself be free of inhibitions, strut your stuff and have fun, his jaw will drop and he will love your confident attitude. Make it about him and he will be happy to give you a turn to get what you want too:)
Spontaneity is great for sparking a great burst of passion into your lives. Plan a romantic picnic. Surprise him with afternoon delight. :) you will feel like teenagers again. How about a trip to the drive in? A little make out session will do you good. Surprise him with no panties. Or visit a sextoy shop and surprise him with a demonstration:) Anything that will be a surprise and excite one another will help bring great passion into your life be creative. Create new wonderful moments together. Love the one your with!:) You Can Follow me on Pinterest :) Pinterest

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