Monday, May 27, 2013

Passion less today :(

So today I had an off day. Wasn't really able to create or be creative at all. And didn't have the ambition to play with any new toys or products. Do you ever have those days? The weather was great and it should have been the perfect day, but it really wasn't. Kinda sad really. And I have so much to do. I should say I have sew much to do. LOL I have 2 bras in a size H38 to make and sew, and then a night gown to finish and ship off to Texas. But things just got in the way and brought me down. I try to always have a happy positive outlook, I hate being down. Tomorrow is another day. So hopefully a better day. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow now, and hopefully I feel up to it. Nothing worse than trying to create something and you are just not feeling the groove. Well tomorrow I will take pics of the start to finish of bra making Just for something a little different :) Happy Days

Passion and Fun Times

I have been writing daily about the different sensual products that are available, because unless you step inside a sex toy shop often you may not know that there is an amazing array of products out there to Bring more Passion and Fun times into the bedroom. So today I wanted to have a very romantic sensual evening and test out a few products. I started the evening off getting Ready for Romance by using a very special shaving duo For skin like velvet. Duo includes Soft & Silky Shaving Creme (available in four fragrances) and Soft & Silky After Shave Protection Mist. After I was freshly shaved and showered I made sure I applied my daily dab of pure satisfaction.This is definitely a product you want to use daily. Seriously! It gets better and batter every day! :) I slipped into some sexy Lingerie From Voluptuously Hip My Boyfriend loves the sexy one of a kind custom Lingerie that I make but he likes it even better when I make it for me to wear.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sexy Lingerie and Sex Toys :) Oh Yeah!

So I have talked about some passionate items the last 2 days Pure Satisfaction and Nibblers, both are amazing products and they add some extra spice and fun to the bedroom But today I felt like it was time to talk about something a little more fun than just lotions and potions ...Today lets talk about the fun of sex toys! woo hoo!! As society has progressed, so has our attitude about masturbation. It is no longer the dirty little secret. Clinical studies show that masturbation is good for you physically, emotionally and, of course, sexually. It feels good and makes us happy. Toys are becoming much more common and for a good reason. Most women find it easier and quicker to reach orgasm when a vibrator or dildo is involved. And if you enjoy masturbating in the shower or while soaking in the tub, there is a wide variety of water resistant toys out there. Use a lube. Plain and simple. A good lube makes it better. A lubricant is especially important if you're tired or you've had a stressful day. Fatigue, age, stress are all factors that can have an adverse effect on natural lubrication. Bet you didn't know that according to researchers it is possible for some women to orgasm as many as 100 times per hour. That is crazy! But I do want more orgasms So Everyday I apply my pure satisfaction, and it increases my sensitivity, everyday it gets better and better. But I must test drive some of these toys for you so I can let you know what these wonderful toys can do. :) Gee My job is rough LOL So I thought I would take this delightful toy out and give it a go. Ladies Please Let Me Introduce you to the Plush Bendy This wonderful vibrator Flexes and moves with you.I'm not kidding. This things bends, in all directions. LOL. It is absolutely great for targeting your G spot. It is soft and AMAZING! It has Ten sensational functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation with an amazing lifelike feel and bendable shaft. Water resistant. You seriously could not go wrong with this sex toy. It is perfect. Most definitely a good staple to have in your sex toy drawer. You can fun for hours with this toy. Alone or with a partner. It is water resistant, so if you like a little shower play, you can. Me, personally I love the shower, its so warm and wet. But you still need lube even in the shower. It is truly amazing what adding a good lube to your sexy fun times can do to increase your pleasure. I would recommend this toy, its got a lot of great vibrating functions, bendable and water resistant! Worth every penny! You can view all the sensual products available online at I am a busy girl, selling sensual products and sex toys, and creating Lingerie for my Lingerie Store Voluptuously Hip. And Lately I have been very busy creating Some Sexy Lingerie So this is what I have recently been working on Its cute most definitely, I only use high quality lace :) More new Sexy Lingerie will be coming very soon Check out my Lingerie Shop Voluptuously Hip at

Friday, May 24, 2013

Passion and Lingerie

So it is an interesting life designing and creating Lingerie and selling bed room toys.
It definitely makes for some interesting conversation.
And yesterday I talked about some of the different lotions and potions that enhance the bedroom experience.
I talked about a fantastic intimacy gel, well today I would like to discuss another great product. Nibblers. It is available in watermelon, strawberry,  raspberry and grape flavors. It contain Shea butter and beeswax so its great for moisturizer. And nibblers is mainly for your NIPPLES. There is no doubt that nipple stimulation can get u in the mood and get the juices flowing in all the right spots ;)
So u put some nibblers on your nipples and it gets a lil tingling but it also tastes great and is edible. But nibblers also makes a great lip balm. Makes ur lips feel a lil plumper as well.
It is definitely a fun and tasty addition to your sensual selection.
There are lots of interesting sensual products available check out my selection at

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Passion and Lingerie

So, It has been a very long time since I have posted anything new or interesting in my blog. Which, is sad, considering I actually enjoy writing. So once again I have decided to blog every day, and since I have been up to some new and interesting things in my life lately I should have a endless supply of things to write about. There is my fun and exciting Lingerie business, which I must say business has been booming lately. I just shipped out 4 parcels today, and of course my most favorite part of my lingerie business is the interesting places my lingerie goes. Today I shipped parcels to Missouri, Alaska, Texas and British Colombia. I have been expanding my line of lingerie with some sexy fun items. Little itsy bitsy lacy things, that look oh so sexy in the bedroom. I will be adding some beautiful high quality robes to my lingerie shop. Nothing like sexy one of a kind lingerie to make a girl feel extra special. So something else new and exciting in my life is I have decided to sell sex toys. :) And I gotta say it is so much fun. It goes along great with the lingerie business. I have fun sex toy parties where women invite over their girlfriends and I show them all the latest and greatest new passionate items for their bedroom. I was amazed at all the fantastic bedroom items. I have always loved toys and Ive also always appreciated a good lube.But my my my... LOL.. There is lotions and potions to spark everyone and anyones desire. There is this one unisex intimacy gel that will just knock your socks off. You think your tired or not in the mood, ONE little drop of this stuff and BAM your in the mood It lasts for hours and totally increases the pleasure of your orgasm Pure Satisfaction Orgasm in a Bottle LOL This gel can be used every single day to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step, and trust me you will be smiling. The more you use it the better it works. Gets all the good juices flowing Best part is there are 500 pumps in a bottle! And its only $48.50 a bottle, So there is a lot of uses in a bottle you totally get your moneys worth! You can order this on my website I cant believe I thought I was all sex educated...until one day I started to sell sex toys boy Did I ever realize there is a lot more out there than just toys and lube Stay tuned for tomorrow I will review another sexy bedroom product for you