Thursday, July 25, 2013

Passion and Lingerie

So today I sewed up two sexy lingerie sets. They turned out great and I wanted to share them with everyone.
They are both stunning, sexy and romantic. Perfect for all romantic occasions. They are both made with a soft lace and flowing ruffles, the ruffles have an amazing cascading color of blues:) The one is trimmed with a lovely light blue, the other one has a sexy deep blue trim and ties in the front
They both have a fantastic feminine touch, with similar looks, but , still are both one of a kind :) Perfect for a special bride on her honeymoon, or any woman who enjoys having special one of a kind handmade lingerie.
These Sexy Lingerie Sets are both Size small and ready to ship They are both available online at my Voluptuously Hip Shop Although it is still summer I am already thinking of Christmas, and will be launching some Christmas Lingerie in the near future, maybe I will even make something that I can model:)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Passion and Lingerie

So these are pics of me modelling my Handmade Bra and Panties Set from my online shop Voluptuously Hip You can check out all my Handmade Bras, Panties and Lingerie online at I am camera shy, but I am actually happy with these photos and really don't mind sharing them with everyone. This bra is a lovely fit, which is not an easy task for any bra. I am a fuller bust kind of girl, My breasts are a lovely G34 so I am definitely grateful for a comfortable great fitting bra. A full bust bra is not an easy thing to find. As you can see the bra sits nicely on my ribs, and my under boob is covered and held properly, some bras I have tried I find the under boob to be too small for me. It ends up making me boobs have a funny shape, and a pushed up look. This had a perfect fit there and I didn't feel squished. It also cupped my breast at the underarm avoiding that overflowing side boob look. The space in between the breasts was perfect for me as well. The straps were also customized to fit me like a glove. That has always been a problem for me, the straps are always too long. Even when I make bras for myself, I generally end up shortening them after trying it on! :) I have a very short strap length. This bra is comfortable a great fit and very supportive. Great for everyday wear. Being a large busted woman, I know how important it is to have proper support and a good fit. It also has a lovely ruffle trim and I love the light pink satin and black lace color combination, so feminine. I LOVE love love the skirted panties. :) They are so sexy, and look great on voluptuous women like myself.
The pink satin has a nice stretch to it, shaped to go right around my wonderful curves, it has a g-string panty underneath. The skirt has three rows of black ruffles, making it ohh so feminine and pretty, perfect for romance. The panties are not really meant for every day wear. It is really designed for romantic evenings, lounging or sleepwear. With that being said, I love them, they just hug my hips right. making my curves look spectacular. The g-string part, well I'm not huge fan of g-strings, and might make the next skirted panty with a thong panty instead. I do like thongs :) I look forward to the next chance I get to model something, maybe next will be the bikini, I was working on. You can check out all my Handmade Bras, Panties and Lingerie online at

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Passion and Lingerie

How do you Spark Passion in your life? Do you need some fresh ideas to add more passion to your life? Well I am very passionate about Lingerie. I'm also very passionate about Voluptuously Hip, my lingerie studio. When it comes to my love life? Maybe I could use some pointers, adding more passion to my love, as well as my lingerie. -So lets see what we can do to add more passion to our lives- Love is constant; passion needs recharging. No surprise: Everything in the universe demagnetizes when left in proximity to something of the opposite charge. Magnets do, and men and women do. Some people fall out of lust in seven days, never mind 17 years. Basic animal attraction
is a force of nature that seems designed to make us mate, but not mate for life. Relaxing in our marriages, freeing ourselves from the pressure of trying to impress our partner, has a predictable outcome: Our partners are not impressed. The magnetic spell we once cast on them begins to lift. -BUT- There is ways to zap your love life, give it a good boost for long lasting happiness :) Its easy to get comfortable in a relationship, but comfortable is not always sexy. Men and women get to know one another intimately, and we begin to forget that they were once the gods and goddesses who would inspire romantic fantasies or amorous worship. Since couples share so many real moments, they need to pay special attention to creating magical ones—because great sex is magical, wonderful and fantastic and we all want lots of great fantastic sex! Having a great sex life improves the whole relationship! With so much passion locked inside of us, there’s a lot to unlock. It’s just a matter of finding the right key. Explore one another’s fantasies.
Turn sex into a game. Ask your partner to tell you three of his fantasies, and you'll get to choose which one to act out. Then it’s his turn—you tell him three, and he gets to select one. If he wants to pick two from your list, and you decide to take him up on that offer, he also gets one of the two remaining fantasies on his list. Routine is an enemy of passion. In order to see your mate as the prince, and for him to see you as the princess, it helps to set the stage and put on the right costume. Tell him to meet you at a restaurant for a date. Dress to impress one another. Then surprise him with a key to a motel room or a secluded cottage for an overnight—no packing allowed. -OR- Surprise him with a sexy dress up-and then seduce him with a sexy strip tease :) Let yourself be free of inhibitions, strut your stuff and have fun, his jaw will drop and he will love your confident attitude. Make it about him and he will be happy to give you a turn to get what you want too:)
Spontaneity is great for sparking a great burst of passion into your lives. Plan a romantic picnic. Surprise him with afternoon delight. :) you will feel like teenagers again. How about a trip to the drive in? A little make out session will do you good. Surprise him with no panties. Or visit a sextoy shop and surprise him with a demonstration:) Anything that will be a surprise and excite one another will help bring great passion into your life be creative. Create new wonderful moments together. Love the one your with!:) You Can Follow me on Pinterest :) Pinterest

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Passion and Lingerie-Feel good in your Lingerie

-Every woman can wear lingerie- -Every woman should wear lingerie-
-Men love when women wear lingerie- -There is lingerie for every woman- Here are some tips to help you feel your very best in your lingerie No matter what your body type you can feel good wearing some sexy lingerie It's important that you feel great in your outfit,
and it's hard to do that when you're adjusting straps, readjusting a thong, or scratching because your outfit itches. Pulling, picking, and scratching are things that distract you away from the moment and if it feels uncomfortable, it'll look uncomfortable, too. Attempting to take off complicated garments that you may not know how to remove can kill a mood quicker than asking "How do I take this off?" Don't assume that your man will know how to unbuckle, unsnap, untie, or unzip in the right order to get you naked.
It's not just his mood that gets killed when we have to watch him fumble and tug at all our bells and whistles. Waiting for him to untie some crazy bra-corset concoction for a half-hour doesn't count as foreplay. Give it a test drive in the fitting room to make sure you can lend a helping hand if need be. Keep it simple, or keep it complicated and take it off yourself (watching a women undress after foreplay is amazing)Just make sure you practice taking it off by yourself first, so you can be smooth and seductive when the time is right :)
To take your boudoir dressing up a level, remember to accessorize with shoes or jewelry. The only thing sexier than a woman in lingerie is a woman in lingerie in sexy heels wearing a necklace that does not come off when everything else does. And every time he sees you in your accessory of choice, he'll be thinking about what you're wearing underneath. Wear what makes you look and feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. On the flip side, don't try to wear something that doesn't flatter your body. In the end, wear what makes you look amazing vs. putting on what you think men want you to wear. Men want two things: you to look sexy and to know it, and for them to get excited by seeing you that way (yes, it's really that simple).
When all is said and done, all undergarments off and on the floor, the sexiest thing you can bring to the bedroom is confidence, whether it comes in the shape of lacy boyshorts or a neon Pink bra. Wear what makes you feel sexy, both in and out of your clothes. Wear it, rock it, know you look damn good, and he'll just feel lucky he gets to be in the same room as you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Passion and Lingerie-Top 7 Must Have Lingerie

Any woman who has ever purchased a frilly bra and panty set or slipped on a sexy nighty knows how powerful lingerie can be. It can instantly transform you from a respectable career woman to a naughty tease with a bachelor's degree in seduction. Not to mention, it absolutely takes your man's breath away! You can not say you have lingerie unless you have that one sexy piece of lingerie that hits him right in between the eyes & you have him eating out of the palm of your hands. However, much as we all want that sexy little number you have to consider a couple of factors. First of you need to think comfort. There is no way you will turn your man on if you are fidgeting with lingerie straps that are not the right fit of worse yet a lingerie outfit that does not fit altogether. Consider the purpose for which you would like the piece to serve. Are you looking for something with a theme, hence lingerie costumes or is it just a piece that you can slip anytime of day & whip up some serious magic. It should be soft, simple and above all else flattering.
Sexy lingerie for a big night! Being sexy doesn’t mean baring it all. Wear what makes you feel gorgeous and glamorous, be it a silky slip, full-on lace or leather with garters and tassles! I promise no matter what you wear… your partner will take notice! And while we are at it you should also have these following essential items in your Lingerie Drawer:
T-Shirt Bra (in black and nude) Forget about seams or lines with this easy-to-wear basic! This is your go-to bra that won’t show under anything; it’s best to keep these bras very simple (i.e. no lace or bows), as you want it to be super versatile. Remember to wear a black bra under black clothing, especially when you know photos will be taken. White and nude bras can both show up through your black clothes once the camera flash goes off! Seamless Thongs (in black and nude) The only thing a model is required to bring to a job is a nude seamless thong. The reason is that no matter what she is handed to wear, the underwear will not show through. Use this fashion secret in your own life and invest in some seamless nude and black thongs to put under anything and everything (except for when you need the boy shorts – see below)! Everyone should own a nude seamless thong, for sure!
Boy Shorts (in black and nude) Grab these when you are wearing a flowy skirt or a super short mini to avoid any tabloid worthy panty mishaps! I’m sure we have all inadvertently flashed someone when stepping off a curb at the exact time a pesky breeze decided to give your pleated mini a lift! With cute little shorts underneath you can keep your coverage and your dignity.
Lacey bras that make you feel good! For those loose blouses and dresses where the shape or colour is not top priority, then have some fun and feel girly underneath. Nothing beats walking around knowing that you have a little lacey secret underneath it all! Sport Bra Give yourself some support with a proper fitting athletic bra. Take into account what level of activity you are doing and then shop for a bra that fits your lifestyle. Yoga fiends do not need as much support as someone who loves to run and A-cups don’t need as thick straps as DDs. Take care of your lady lumps!
Shapewear/Spanx (in black and nude) No one likes to admit that they need this but even silhouette-perfect models and celebs admit to owning some Spanx! Spanx-style shorts and bodywear are the perfect pairings for delicate silk dresses that show everything underneath. You can use these several ways: firstly, to ensure there are no panty lines; secondly, to keep bumps and dimples at bay and finally, to slim you down around a full size. True miracle workers! Having these items in your Lingerie drawer will have you prepared no matter what the occasion. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lingerie and Passion-Bra Care

There is definitely some steps we can take to ensuring we get the most out of our Lingerie That is washing it properly I never recommend machine washing any wired bras. But I did take the time to see what some experts thought about bra care.- - - - - - - - Now since the average woman owns nine bras but only wears six of them regularly, it obvious that extending the longevity of your lingerie is probably a good idea -- especially as those undergarments can get quite pricey Most of us have never been schooled in how to take care of our bras,- - - ---------- Although this depends on your personal lifestyle and levels of hygiene, the experts recommend that women wash any bra after wearing it twice. Of course, if it's a sports bra, you should at least rinse it out in cool water (cold water helps a bra maintain its elasticity) after each use to get rid of the perspiration on it so that the fabric itself isn't damaged. You don't want to destroy the fibers in the sports bra that cause it to wick moisture.- - ----- Each and every expert I spoke to said that hand washing your bras with gentle soap and cool water is the best way to prolong the life of your bras. This suggestion becomes especially important if you're caring for lingerie that's nicer than your average t-shirt bra. When it comes to underwire or more sturdy bras, always handwash,- - ------ In order to protect your bra's elasticity and fabric, you don't want to use any harsh detergents when you wash it. Bleach is especially terrible for your bra's shelf life. This is important to remember even if you choose to hand wash your garments, even popular hand-washing detergents such as Woolite can contain bleach. - - ----- SORT your Colors! Although this rule holds for all laundry, it's especially important when it comes to your lingerie. You must sort your colors. Be very careful when you're washing undergarments because they contain synthetics, [which means that] they have a great propensity to pick up dyes from the washload. Only clean whites with whites. So that brand new lacy red bra? You most likely shouldn't throw it in with your crisp, white t-shirt bra -- unless you really love pink.- - ----- Although the experts were willing to stray from the "always hand wash" rule, they insisted that hang drying your bras is the ONLY way to go. Never ever put a bra in the dryer, the extreme heat, which is used in a mechanical dryer, is a major problem when it comes to caring for delicate items. Instead, hang dry your bras by the strap or lay them to dry on a towel, cups facing up (i.e. nipples facing up). And make sure that your bras are properly reshaped before you dry them. If your bra cup gets dented while being washed, just take your fingers and gently smooth it out so that it looks like a cup again. Take these steps for caring for your bras and you will enjoy your bras for a lot longer :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lingerie and Passion

So this week has been insanely busy!  I was interviewed my local paper. They are doing an article on local Etsy artisans and they contacted me Monday  asked me to be included. :)
So Tuesday I was interviewed over the phone and the journalist Natalie Paddon also arranged to come with a photographer to my Voluptuously Hip studio on Friday to take photos for the article and also do a quick video for the newspapers website.
I was also contacted on monday by Crave Handmade. Its an online magazine that is everything handmade. I was asked to contribute to a giveaway. The giveaway is for brides.
So I created a beautiful three piece lingerie set
I used beautiful high quality lace. The three pieces consists of a Lace Bandeau Bra, Lace Booty panties, and a matching garter. And the lucky winner will be able to choose the size they want, sizes available in xs-xl
The lingerie set is valued at $60.00

I'm not sure yet when the giveaway begins. But I will be sure to post it when I find out. I will also post the link to the article in the local paper when it is available.