Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lingerie and Passion-Bra Care

There is definitely some steps we can take to ensuring we get the most out of our Lingerie That is washing it properly I never recommend machine washing any wired bras. But I did take the time to see what some experts thought about bra care.- - - - - - - - Now since the average woman owns nine bras but only wears six of them regularly, it obvious that extending the longevity of your lingerie is probably a good idea -- especially as those undergarments can get quite pricey Most of us have never been schooled in how to take care of our bras,- - - ---------- Although this depends on your personal lifestyle and levels of hygiene, the experts recommend that women wash any bra after wearing it twice. Of course, if it's a sports bra, you should at least rinse it out in cool water (cold water helps a bra maintain its elasticity) after each use to get rid of the perspiration on it so that the fabric itself isn't damaged. You don't want to destroy the fibers in the sports bra that cause it to wick moisture.- - ----- Each and every expert I spoke to said that hand washing your bras with gentle soap and cool water is the best way to prolong the life of your bras. This suggestion becomes especially important if you're caring for lingerie that's nicer than your average t-shirt bra. When it comes to underwire or more sturdy bras, always handwash,- - ------ In order to protect your bra's elasticity and fabric, you don't want to use any harsh detergents when you wash it. Bleach is especially terrible for your bra's shelf life. This is important to remember even if you choose to hand wash your garments, even popular hand-washing detergents such as Woolite can contain bleach. - - ----- SORT your Colors! Although this rule holds for all laundry, it's especially important when it comes to your lingerie. You must sort your colors. Be very careful when you're washing undergarments because they contain synthetics, [which means that] they have a great propensity to pick up dyes from the washload. Only clean whites with whites. So that brand new lacy red bra? You most likely shouldn't throw it in with your crisp, white t-shirt bra -- unless you really love pink.- - ----- Although the experts were willing to stray from the "always hand wash" rule, they insisted that hang drying your bras is the ONLY way to go. Never ever put a bra in the dryer, the extreme heat, which is used in a mechanical dryer, is a major problem when it comes to caring for delicate items. Instead, hang dry your bras by the strap or lay them to dry on a towel, cups facing up (i.e. nipples facing up). And make sure that your bras are properly reshaped before you dry them. If your bra cup gets dented while being washed, just take your fingers and gently smooth it out so that it looks like a cup again. Take these steps for caring for your bras and you will enjoy your bras for a lot longer :)

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