Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lingerie and Passion

This is what I am currently creating
It is a bikini just in time for summer.
Last year I made many swimsuits but I didn't have time to make myself one. So this year I decided to spoil myself. So this sexy bikini is a size 10 bottom and a G36 top to accommodate my Voluptuously Hip curves
I might actually be brave enough to model it
I have been inspired lately by some beautiful Voluptuously hip blogging women out there.
They have been quite an inspiration I love curvy woman. I myself am curvy. I've always been shy to model my handmade lingerie in fear that I don't actually fit into the modeling category.
Although I do model a bra and panty set in my Voluptuously Hip shop on Etsy
So my bikini should be complete this weekend and there will be pictures
I will soon be writing some articles regarding lingerie
-caring for your lingerie
-top 5 lingerie must haves
Happy Days

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