Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sewing is a great experience

Sewing lingerie is a very gratifying experience. Lingerie is a very personal item, and everyone has different tastes. I have learned I can duplicate many styles, simply using a picture. I really like how vintage style lingerie is making a grand comeback. I love using high quality fabrics, to make my lingerie. It feels so nice, while sewing the product and it really does make the difference in the finished look of a product. I'm focusing on building stock for my first craft show. I'm sure it will be quite the experience. I'm going to have a Voluptuously Hip booth at the Markham Music Festival June 15 and 16 So I am making alot of different panties and swimwear to sell at this festival I'm new to this blogging thing but I meet alot of interesting people in these business, and I'm sure I will have lots of unique experiences that I will share along the way :) I have a sale going on for the month of May Save 20% on everything in my shop use coupon code VHMAYS20OFFSALE check out my shop at

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