Sunday, May 20, 2012

I promised my boyfriend that I would really put forth an effort to finally begin to create my men's line! I did make 1 prototype. And it really wasn't all that bad. I didn't draft a pattern, I just freestyled the cut out of the tester fabric, and threw them together!! I was actually impressed with the results, I needed to make some adjustments, but for the most part it worked. So this time I'm going to sit done, and draft a pair out, and make my man some sexy underwear. I got some fantastic fabric, as you can see in the picture, that would make a fantastic pair! And I think adding a men's line might be just what my shop needs. Or maybe I would OPEN a new shop? Hmmm I think I will have to give that some thought.
So tomorrow,before I start my drafting project, I am off to the fabric store. I need to get black stretch satin for a bra that will be made and shipped to New York. It will also be for a pair of panties going to Washington, DC.I will post some pics of the pieces of fabric when I get it all cut out. It always amazes me how little fabric you really need to make a bra. It is mostly made up of elastics. LOL It is so exciting! The fact, that my lingerie is going all over the place!! Texas! New York! San Diego! Washington! Georgia! I love it!! I want to apply at some boutiques, to see if anyone would like to sell my swimsuits and lingerie! I would love to see my products worldwide!! Check out whats new in my shop :) Have a great day!

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