Monday, August 27, 2012

New chapter in my life

So today I packed up my entire lingerie studio. So glad to be done that task.
As a reward for all the hard work, I took my boyfriend and his son to lunch a Five Guys Burger and fries and to see the new 3D Ice Age movie.
It was a fantastic afternoon.
Lunch was fantastic I had the lil Bacon cheeseburger and I shared fries with my bf. I was really impressed.  It was delicious. I would definitely recommend and would go back again.
The movie was hilarious.
I really enjoyed it too.
I laughed just as much as my bf 7 yr old son.
But the packing must continue.
And I still have an order to finish.
But I'm getting close to being done packing, which makes me happy! But then I'll need to UNpack everything
I'm going to need a holiday

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