Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lingerie and Passion

Passionate about Lingerie?
I finally have finished the new bra and panty set I have been sewing since Thursday :)
And it looks lovely
I'm so impressed with my work, its a new bra design, with absolute great support.
I love the fabric I used, funny thing is , I have a matching purse. I also just love how this bra stretches. It is made with a vibrant blue satin with embossed black velvet.
The matching panty is a lovely feminine design with a full back and lace detail in the front.
This set is sexy and romantic, yet still practical enough for everyday wear.
When you are full figured, or shall I say Voluptuously Hip, our lingerie and undergarments are expensive (I'm a G36) and it's important to get bras that are sexy but not just good for the bedroom. These bra is sure to please all the Voluptuously hip women out there.
Not that I've experimented with this bra design I want to try making a bikini using this design.

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